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More than 80% of faults that we attend are not caused by hardware, but by the software loaded on the machine. We all use a wide variety of software – some purchased, some downloaded free and, of course, the operating system that comes installed on your PC.

It’s a fact that occasionally software simply will not load, or will not work, or becomes corrupt, perhaps hiding the very data you need - this afternoon. A lot of our work involves software and we are happy to help sort out your problem. We can do this by attending or by remote access at your convenience and, in most cases, a fix is achieved quickly. It seems sensible at this point to mention pirate, crack or otherwise non-genuine software: As Microsoft Partners, CPCD Limited have a zero-tolerance policy for pirate software and no work will be carried out on a machine where such software exists, unless legalising the software is part of the work.

The importance of keeping backups of all your important data, such as files and photographs, cannot be underestimated. Can you afford to lose it? Can you live without it? Can you replace it? Answering no to any of those questions means you should call us to discuss backups pretty soon. Get it backed up – before it’s too late!

We supply a huge range of backup devices and backup software, to suit all needs and all pockets in order to protect your valuable data, and can advise on the best method for you. Please do not wait until it’s too late – a little investment now can save you a fortune in recovery costs and potentially prevent loss of your most important files.

Depending on how much data you have, we can help you secure it for as little as £50.00.



Electronic mail has become an important method of communication in recent years, and for many people is important for keeping in touch and, for businesses, absolutely essential.

For many years ISPs (Internet Service Providers) bundled a basic email package with internet connections, and the initial euphoria surrounding email allowed us to accept what is, in fact, a pretty basic and often very poor and unsupported service. Increasingly, some of our customers have found that problems with ISP-based email have left them frustrated.

We can provide email addresses of any capacity, and with pretty much any name, which will run trouble-free and without the restrictions sometime imposed by ISPs. Our email services are provided by one of the UK’s biggest Hosting Companies.

Plus, we maintain them, so if there is a problem – you deal with us and not a call centre.

Are struggling to use your PC or laptop, or perhaps just a specific piece of software? Want to get the best out of your colour printer? Don’t know how to deal with email? Need help setting up folders to access all your stuff easier? Can’t cope with the latest (and yet another) change of operating system from Microsoft?

We have vast experience of lots of different software and machines - we may just know enough to explain it to you, perhaps via a personal tuition session. We can do some of the simpler lessons/demos by remote, or we can come and show you in person.

We also have instructional leaflets for some particular, or common, stumbling blocks, ensuring you are able to continue without us.

Don’t struggle on, give us a call - we are very patient and used to helping people of all ages and at all levels of experience.