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Repairs and Upgrades

Service and Upgrades

It is only sensible to have your machine checked at regular intervals. Some people may undertake routine maintenance themselves, which is great, but no substitute for a full diagnostic test, malware sweep and configuration checks of your PC. Most faults, if picked up early are easy to repair and will help prevent costly breakdowns and possible data loss. Have it serviced!

We undertake all repairs including board level and GPU replacement. We have both Eurosoft and PC Doctor Diagnostics, so we are able to pinpoint even intermittent faults rapidly.

We also handle upgrades of all types - be that software, CPU, memory or drive replacement - at reasonable costs. In most cases, work can be carried out on-site although some work can only be safely undertaken at our workshop.

In the past, we have rescued PCs after fires, floods and the odd Act of God. Some disasters are totally unavoidable but we will do our best to get you quickly back up and running. We are excellent at software and basic hardware data recovery, and can usually recover data and repair your machines at a reasonable cost. Where repairs are impossible, we can supply and deploy new equipment rapidly or sometimes help out with loan equipment.

Disasters may even be embarrassing: more commonly than you might think, self-builds go horribly wrong - everything is in there but it does nothing at power up. Ooops. The “mate at work who's good with computers” can actually cost you a lot of money - but we can help. We can usually get that pile of damaged and badly-fitted components working for you, and it will be our little secret.

Disaster Recovery


Malware (the collective term for viruses, spyware etc.) is an ever present threat. No matter what precautions you take, with today’s high bandwidth connections and an ever growing criminal presence on the web, the chances are you will at some point suffer from a virus, spyware attack, or similar.

We can certainly advise on precautions and precautionary behaviour, but nothing (short of never switching on) will keep you 100% safe.

Please be aware that almost all Malware problems can be dealt with and that data loss from such infections is very rare. Neither is Malware removal expensive. We have vast experience of this work and have several notable success stories where companies, and individuals, have been rescued from the grips of some rather nasty viruses.  Make us the first port of call when Malware strikes.

Often quoted is the statement “on average, a hard drive will fail in year 3 of use”; misleading however, firstly because some manufacturers have very low fail rates and others very high – and secondly, environmental and usage variations contribute considerably to the life of drives. As part of a PC Service, we use software to check drive condition and can generally predict impending failure. And of course, you have backups (?).

Sometimes drives fail, computer shops/well-meaning friends format them, etc and data gets lost. We are experienced in the recovery of data from all drives and have some excellent hardware and software tools for the job. We are also extremely careful with your data – and, if we suspect we cannot save the data, we then work with our clean-room partners, who can recover data from pretty much any failure.

Data Recovery