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We manufacture a wide range of PC equipment to suit all requirements. All our PCs are built to exceptionally high standards and subjected to ‘burn-in’ testing to ensure our customers receive a reliable machine that will remain fault-free for many years. Over the last ten years we have developed a reputation for producing machines that will exceed the normal expectations of reliability, performance and longevity. Our Home machines are built to the same exacting standards as our Business models, and you can be confident that a PC from us will be suitable for your needs – for now and for the future.

Our PCs are built to order, so you can be assured that only the latest hardware is incorporated. All parts are traceable and sourced from trusted suppliers to maintain our standards of quality. All our machines are supplied with genuine software, and carry a comprehensive warranty.

We supply both pre-built and custom-built servers for Business or Home use and support most common Server Software.  Whilst server equipment is more often seen in a business environment, the introduction of Windows Home Server (which can also be used for small businesses) has allowed home users to store and share data, video and music across a home network far more effectively than ever before.  Servers also allow access to data over the Internet so you can get to your files, and even access your PC, from anywhere in the world.

We can provide machines to fit your budget and storage needs, whether in the home or for small businesses.  Where specific or specialist server roles are required, such as CCTV Storage, EPOS or Call Logging, we can generally supply the required interfaces.

We can build servers to meet most needs and are happy to discuss any special requirements.


Laptops and tablets

Although we do not build laptops and tablets, we can supply and repair them for our customers. We provide primarily Samsung, Toshiba and MSI machines, depending on your requirements - if requested, we can source and supply most other models. Repairs can usually be conducted on any make of laptop or tablet.

We also provide inspection and set-up services to ensure that your laptop is in perfect condition at delivery and you are ready to get started straight away. We will even install your software and transfer your data from an old machine if you require. We can then deliver your laptop and familiarise you with it – making sure all is well, that you are connected to the internet and in full working order.

We supply a full range of accessories such as cases, adapters and mice – and we can generally source and set up a laptop within 48 h.

The idea that networks are a feature of business premises and complicated data centres is no longer the case. Most homes now have a small network, or at the very least a “hub” or router that allows more than one computer or device to connect to the Internet. It is possible that some of these devices use a wireless connection.

We are experienced in the diagnosis of faults and repair for wired or wireless networks and broadband connections (whether ADSL, VDSL or cable) - we also carry a range of spare routers and switches. Most faults are minor and corrected easily, and we can usually get you up and running quickly. We possess some of the very best test equipment to assist in finding your problem fast.

If you have network, or telephone problems, call us. More details can be found on our networks site at