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We operate an excellent on-site repair service for both hardware and software, including broadband and network problems, and have our own well-equipped workshops.  Generally we can respond within 24h; we keep a good range of spares and aim to complete repairs within 48h whenever possible.  

Sooner or later, everyone needs a little help. We offer telephone, remote and visit support for any problems you may experience. We also offer training with specific tasks and programs, in your own home. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high quality support, with patience and understanding.

Providing superior quality products and services, with an exceptional level of  support and customer care, at a reasonable price Computers Computers Repairs & Upgrades Support

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Disaster Recovery

You switch on your PC and… no data. It’s every user’s nightmare. There is, however, a good chance of recovery – if handled correctly. So, call us immediately and we can help. We handle software and hardware recovery and can arrange clean room level repair where needed.

Need a website or email? We offer Web Design or hosting-alone packages, with or without Search Engine Optimisation. We can provide the email of your choice and make sure that your mail is reliable and secure. We provide Exchange Mail where required, using one of the UK’s biggest data centres.

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Whether home or business,  we handle fault tracing and repair for data and voice networks. We also provide a design, installation and maintenance service for these, including fibre, and specialist ADSL fault-finding. If you have networking or telephone issues – be sure to call us.


As Microsoft OEM Partners, a large part of our business is the supply and installation of PC equipment for both business and home users, and over the years we have built a reputation for producing superior quality computers, with an unbeatable record for reliability, performance and longevity.

Repairs and Upgrades Support Computers Repairs and Upgrades Support